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12 Life-Changing Free Tools to Improve Your Website

Biz Strategy & Growth, Design & Aesthetics, Messaging & Copy

Today we’re dropping in to share 12 free, life-changing tools that we use to boost our messaging, perfect our design, and optimize our website. We use them with our clients, too. We’re all about making life easier for ourselves whenever we ca. And we don’t want to be stingy, so we’re sharing our favorite resources with you. ‘Cuz that’s just the kind of gals we are.


  • Find My Audience: Depending on your industry, niche, and audience, Think with Google’s Find my Audience feature may give you some key insights about the content your audience is consuming so you can double down on areas and ideas that resonate with them. 
  • Headline Analyzer: Check the effectiveness of the headlines on your website and get actionable tips to make improvements. 
  • IQ Hashtags: Create curated hashtag collections that support your brand pillars. Just copy and paste to use in social captions.
  • Answer the Public: Struggling with the right words to use in your brand messaging or website? Use this free site to find out what people are searching for and get ideas for language to use in your branding, website, and other content.


  • Fontpair: If you haven’t invested in a premium brand and you need help choosing fonts that work well together for your social media or website or anything else really, this site is a great resource.
  • Coolors: Similar to Fontpair, this site lets you generate sample color palettes or explore what’s trending to get an idea of colors that might work for your brand.
  • Canva: While it’s no replaement for a gifted graphic designer, if your budget’s tight, it’s often better to start here than not.
  • Pexels: Our favorite free stock photos site, Pexels gives you access to royalty-free images and videos from myriad creators. 


  • Hubspot’s Website Grader: Plug in your website to get quick, actionable insights that can help you identify low-hanging fruit across four dimensions: performance, SEO, mobile, and security. 
  • Hotjar: Get insights into how visitors behave when they land on your website so that you can optimize their experience.
  • Google Optimize: Run tests and get data on your website’s content to help you get started making improvements.
  • SEO Site Checkup: While not foolproof, this tool will give you grades based on your website’s SEO performance and offer ideas for improvement.

We won’t belabor the point, but we do hope you find this list helpful. Hit us up if you have questions or if you think we left out anything major.