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Tech & Tools I Can’t Live Without in My Small Business

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As a small business owner for going on two years now, I’ve discovered some tech and tools that have saved me over and over again. They keep things running smoothly and help me streamline my lean operations.

In this blog post, I’m diving into my personal favorites that I can’t (and won’t) live without. From a few business basics to my essentials for marketing and sales, I’ve covered everything. And because I’m a brand and web designer (and unapologetic aesthetic snob), I’ve included some of my favorite sources for stock photos and fonts that’ll add that extra pizzazz to your brand’s visual storytelling.

But wait, there’s more! We all know it’s not just about work, work, work. So, I’ve also thrown in some personal and lifestyle tools that keep me at my peak, both physically and mentally.

Before we dive in, a quick heads up: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through them (at no extra cost to you, of course). This helps keep Huckleberry Creative thriving, and I only recommend products I truly believe in and use myself.

Business Basics

  • Novo Bank. A fantastic financial option for busy business owners who want to be able to keep tabs on their money. My own choice for my business. I love that you can set up different “reserve” buckets that help you budget and allocate your money wisely. Use my link to get $40 when you open and fund an account.
  • Typeform. Typeform turns forms into fun, friendly conversations—whether for feedback, lead generation, orders, surveys, research, or quizzes. I use it for my fun brand personality quizzes to add subscribers to my list and also for all my onboarding surveys for clients.
  • BoxFox. One of my go-tos for client gifting, BoxFox offers a collection of carefully curated gifts that you can easily build into a personalized box. Super easy to use. Get $10 off your first order of $75 or more with my link.
  • Keeper Password. I’ve used a lot of password managers, and this one is by far my favorite. Save your sanity and protect your security with this simple-to-use tool. You can also save payment methods and other details you don’t want to forget. Get 30% off when you use my link.
  • Showit. My website builder of choice, a drag-and-drop solution for folks who don’t know how to code but want a stunning, one-of-a-kind website. This link will get you one month free!
  • Zapier. This freemium tool helps connect all your tools and software so that they “talk” to each other. You can get up to 100 tasks per month for free. But their paid plans are worth it, too, if you grow out of the starter tier.

Marketing and Sales

  • Tailwind. My tool of choice when it comes to scheduling social media. There are tons of features that will help you schedule efficiently and effectively. Use this link to get 50 ghostwriter (AI) credits when you upgrade to a paid plan.
  • Flodesk. Beautiful, easy-to-create emails and workflows for even the most tech-hating among us. Plus, they’ve recently added gorgeous, coordinating forms and landing pages that will help you build your list quickly. Get 50% off your first year by using this link.
  • Honeybook. My all-in-one choice for sending contracts and invoices. Send proposals, track sales, and get paid. Couldn’t be simpler. Use this link to get 25% off your first year.
  • Thrivecart. This is the tool I use to sell my own products. With one easy payment, you get lifetime access to this tool that offers cart pages, funnels, affiliate campaigns, courses, and more. 
  • Creative Market. My go-to for finding unique, well-made creative assets like fonts, illustrations, photos, and more. Fair warning: looking at all the beautiful things can become a time wormhole. Pro tip: Give yourself a time limit when browsing. 
  • Manychat. This freemium tool can help you create Instagram funnels (how I use it) or to otherwise engage with your social followers via chatbots. Get 1 month free pro account with this link. 

Stock Photos

  • HauteStock. An amazing stock photo and graphics subscription. Haute Stock’s stylish, high-quality stock photos and videos give you the power to create a recognizable brand and the confidence to grow your business. Use my link to get 15% off your subscription.
  • Editorial Stock Images. If you’re looking for photos that are a bit more editorial, ESI might be perfect for you. Editorial Stock Images ™ is a stock photo membership providing visual content designed by creatives for creatives.
  • Kaboompics. Less well known than some of the other free stock photo sites (like Pexels or Unsplash) and just as high-quality and editorial as some of my favorite paid stock subscriptions, this gem is a gift for anyone who wants amazing images without the price tag.


  • Jen Wagner. Jen Wagner is an independent Nashville-based type designer, offering superior quality typography for both print and digital use. She makes some of the best, well-made, most functional typefaces in the game.Use my link to get 15% off your purchase.
  • Blanc Salvage. Designer fonts and curated mockups for your branding and marketing. Really gorgeous, editorial typefaces that will elevate any design. Use my link to get 15% off your purchase.
  • Tropical Type. Another amazing resource for fonts, Tropical Type offers Unique display fonts specifically for small studios, freelancers and solopreneurs. They’re a little bit funkier than some of the others on this list but oh so fun if that’s what you’re looking for. 
  • Set Sail Studios. Sam Parrett is a U.K. based graphic designer running Set Sail Studios, an online store for other designers looking to find unique and exciting fonts for their own design projects. A great resource for unique script fonts, especially. 
  • Google Fonts. Looking for free fonts you can easily download and use. Look no further than Google Fonts, where you’ll find some all-time bangers like Montserrat (one of my brand fonts), Space Grotesk, Cormorant, Roboto, Libre Baskerville and more!

Personal and Lifestyle

  • Fatty15. I am in no way a health coach or provider, but I’ve been taking this new C15:0 supplement for a while now, and I can tell a difference in my stress levels, sleep quality, and skin. Use my link to get 20% off your purchase.
  • Hum Nutrition. My go-to-subscription for other supplements. The Hyaluronic Glow Gummies are my favorite and taste like dessert. Use this link to get your first box free (up to a $40 value)!
  • Hydrow. I recently purchased this rowing machine, and I’ve been loving the efficient workouts and the well-made instructional videos. Did you know rowing works 86% of your muscles? Use this link to get $300 off your first order.
  • Thrive Market. I’m a vegetarian, and I love that ThriveMarket, an online grocery store, allows you to filter by dietary preferences to find just what you’re looking for. Use this link to save 40% on your first order.
  • Urban Stems. My favorite shop for sending flowers and another client gifting favorite, I find that their arrangements are much more aesthetic than their competitors. Give them a try with this link and get $20 off your first order of $65 or more.

Make These Tools Your Own

And there you have it – the tech and tools that are the backbone of Huckleberry Creative. Each one of these gems has been a game changer, helping me streamline operations, boost productivity, and sprinkle a little more joy into my days.

Remember, what works wonders for one business might not be the perfect fit for another. It’s all about finding those tools that resonate with your unique business rhythm. I encourage you to explore these options, test them out, and see which ones align with your business goals and personal style.

Whether you decide to try a new business software or grab a bouquet of flowers for your desk, I hope this list is helpful. Got questions about something on the list? Or think I missed something? Reach out to me on Instagram (@huckcreative) and let me know.